Varikatus terrassile

Varikatuse raam on tugevast ALU (alumiinium) profiilist, mis on pulbervärvitud.

Kõik mudelid on olemas nii valge kui ka antratsiit (tumehall). Kihtplastik varikatusel on eritugevusega,

talub lumekoormust 150kg/m2. Kihtplastik varikatusel on klick-süsteemiga ja ei nõua vaheprofiile (H-liiste, mis muidu tolmu koguvad).

Kihtplastiku alumine pool on päikest hajutav, jää-tonaalne (ei ole läbipaistev, nagu tavaline kihtplastik).

Kihtplastiku kõik 4 külge on tehases termiliselt suletud, see välistab igasugu mustuse ja niiskuse sattumise plaadi sisemusse.

Varikatusel on sisseehitatud vihmavee süsteem (esiotsas).

Varikatuse kõik tugipostid ja esimene tugilatt katuse all, on liigutatavad vastavalt vajadusele, mööda juhtsiini.

Samuti seinakinnituse kõrgus on varieeruv ca 50cm, vastavalt vajadusele.

Komplektis on kõik detailid, mis on vajalikud antud varikatuse paigaldamiseks.

Varikatuse paigaldus võtab aega 5-6 tundi (kahel inimesel).


Terrace roofing kit


Terrace roofing made easy: Terrace roofing kit for sure succeed

Cover a terrace, build a carport, create pergolas or cover courtyard areas: With Gutta’s handy assembly kits, you can do it in no time. You will receive a complete kit, including mounting material, that will allow you to begin immediately and guarantees a straightforward, quick, and flexible installation process.

Terrace roofing, just like the professionals

Allow your imagination to run wild: Gutta’s assembly kits, which include mounting material, make installing patio roofs and other types of roofing around the house easy, uncomplicated, and safe. With our patio roof kit and some craftsmanship, you can install roofing in true professional quality. Our durable, sturdy design offers a variety of possibilities for long-term roofing solutions around the house.

Simple and flexible roof mounting

In the long run, quality always pays off. Take Gutta’s terrace roof kits for example – a professional, durable quality roof. Made of polycarbonate multi-wall sheets, the metal frame construction features a transparent roof and is fit for a wide variety of uses. It also withstands wind and weather. Moreover, thanks to their narrow profile cross-sections, all Gutta roofs are particularly elegant and slim. Simply select from a roof depth of 3 or 4 metres according to your plans, and you’re ready to go.

Durable, weatherproof roofing for your terrace

The columns, girders and rafters are all made of durable aluminium. All visible metal profiles are powder-coated ex-works in white or anthracite, keeping your roof in peak condition for years to come. An integrated gutter is also included. The terrace roofing further offers great stability, withstanding snow loads of up to 150 kg / square metre effortlessly. The roof is made of 10 mm multi-wall panels, allowing it to retain its brilliant appearance over many years.

A world of possibilities for professional roofing

Gutta roof kits let you do it all – not only terrace roofing. Whether they are intended for a terrace, patio, pergola, carport, courtyard roofing or another project, our attractive sets will let you accomplish your project easily and quickly. And you can rest easy with a ten-year warranty (as defined in the terms). Top quality pays off permanently.

Straightforward and flexible assembly

With Gutta kits, your terrace roofing is guaranteed to be a success. The kits also give you great flexibility; you can adapt assembly to fit your needs. Both the crossbeams and the posts are adjustable up to 60 cm. Their variable ridge height and adjustable support posts provide even greater flexibility.

Extension module for large roofs

That’s not all: Our 120 cm expansion module allows for a theoretically infinite extension of models that are 5.46 m in width. This leaves you free to use the entire length of the building as a parking space for cars, bicycles or gardening equipment. The module consists of a front support (purlin), rain gutter, wall bracket, two rafters, two plates and a jamb, and can be built into the middle of 5.46 m wide two-piece models.

This results in the following expansion options:

+ 1 module: 5.46 m + 1.2 m = 6.66 m

+ 2 modules: 5.46 m + 2 x 1.2 m = 7.86 m

+ 3 modules: 5.46 m + 3 x 1.2 m = 9.06 m

+ 4 modules: 5.46 m + 4 x 1.2 m = 10.26 m

+ 5 modules: 5.46 m + 5 x 1.2 m = 11.46 m

+ 6 modules: 5.46 m + 6 x 1.2 m = 12.66 m, etc.



Terrassendach anthrazit 3x3m Type A
Dimensions: 3.06 x 3.06 m
Surface: 9,36 m²
Number of posts: 2
Number of panels: 5
Weight: 68 kg
Colours: white or anthracite
Terrassendach weiß 3x4m Type B
Dimensions: 4.26 x 3.06 m
Surface: 13,03 m²
Number of posts: 3
Number of plates: 7
Weight: 98 kg
Colours: white or anthracite
Terrassendach anthrazit 3x5m Type C
Dimensions: 5.46 x 3.06 m
Surface: 16,70 m²
Number of posts: 3
Number of panels: 9
Weight: 128 kg
Colours: white or anthracite
Terrassendach weiß 4x3m Type D
Dimensions: 3.06 x 4.06 m
Surface: 12,42 m²
Number of posts: 2
Number of panels: 5
Weight: 96 kg
Colours: white or anthracite
Terrassendach anthrazit 4x4m Type E
Dimensions: 4.26 x 4.06 m
Surface: 17,30 m²
Number of posts: 3
Number of plates: 7
Weight: 128 kg
Colours: white or anthracite
Terrassendach weiß 4x5m Type F
Dimensions: 5.46 x 4.06 m
Surface: 22,17 m²
Number of posts: 3
Number of panels: 9
Weight: 156 kg
Colors: white or anthracite

Type A, laius 3060 X pikkus 3060 mm, Type B, laius 4260 X pikkus 3060 mm, Type C, laius 5460 X pikkus 3060 mm, Type D, laius 3060 X pikkus 4060 mm, Type E, laius 4260 X pikkus 4060 mm, Type F, laius 5460 X pikkus 4060 mm

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